Make your campaigns more effective

  • Increase team speed;
  • Monitor company performance;
  • Eliminate human error.
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Ionela Mandrescu

Trade Marketing at L’Oreal Romania

A symbiosis has been created between L’Oreal’s needs and EXE Software’s know-how from the very beginning of the collaboration! esFields surprised us at the right moment in our journey to success. We test, learn, explore new strategies and enjoy the results!

Adrian Bratu

General Director at SNAM

We chose EXE Software because they gave us the impression of a reliable team and, so far, they have behaved as such. If you want to get more control over your company’s processes, you need a software solution that supports the whole business and that’s what esFields does for us.

Ovidiu Vizante

General Manager at Rail Cargo

Not only have we been able to gather information from our teams much faster, but we have reports and analysis, which gives us a competitive advantage by increasing our speed of reaction and decision making. I am very pleased that we have been able to find a solution that will help us to make much better use of our resources.

Record data directly from customers

With esFields, you can record feedback from your customers, directly at the point of sale or following market research, so you can base your business decisions on qualitative and relevant data.

Manage marketing strategy and campaigns

By analysing the information collected, you can make improvements to your marketing strategy in the shortest possible time. You can plan targeted actions to ensure you invest financial and time resources in actions that generate Return on Investment (ROI).

Improve your customers' experience

Because you have constant access to customer feedback and can adjust your department's activities based on it, you'll be able to improve their buying experience and overall interaction with your business.

Easily integrate marketing processes

esFields enables the sharing of relevant information, including images or documents, between field agents and marketing and sales representatives, ensuring the same level of information to the entire team and integration of all processes.

Ensure effective communication between teams

The esFields application enables communication between field and back office teams, including the sharing of images and documents, so that information can be transmitted in real time.

Generate instant reports

Have reports at your fingertips for team activity so you can make quick, impactful decisions based on accurate data.

Online and offline qualitative data collection

Users can easily record information from customers, at point of sale or in market research with customisable forms, collecting qualitative data for relevant analysis.

Easy to build and analyse reports

Data is analysed and reported through integration with PowerBI, so decision makers can draw conclusions and act on accurate information.

Chat function

With the chat function, esFields ensures good communication between front and back office teams, facilitating interaction and information transfer.


esFields allows you to rank and reward salespeople based on their performance. This keeps agents motivated to reach their sales target and managers understand the effectiveness of each team member.

Possibility of customisation

The esFields app can be customised to meet the needs of agencies and marketing departments. Learn more about the customization possibilities!

Modules personalised to your business

The features and the way esFields helps your business work is 100% adapted to the way you work today, so integrating the solution is quick and easy.

For a better experience

esFields is an EXE Software product.

  • 20 years of experience;
  • over 300 projects implemented;
  • active on five continents;
  • Microsoft Gold Partners.