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  • Monitor in real time;
  • Simplify roadmaps;
  • Optimise established routes.
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Cătălin Dobre

Locomotive Maintenance Manager at Rail Cargo

In our industry, using resources and information in a smart way makes a big difference! To achieve these results, I always recommend the esFields application and the EXE Software team.

Ovidiu Vizante

General Manager at Rail Cargo

Not only have we been able to gather information from our teams much faster, but we have reports and analysis, which gives us a competitive advantage by increasing our speed of reaction and decision making. I am very pleased that we have been able to find a solution that will help us to make much better use of our resources.

Adrian Bratu

General Director at SNAM

We chose EXE Software because they gave us the impression of a reliable team and, so far, they have behaved as such. If you want to get more control over your company’s processes, you need a software solution that supports the whole business and that’s what esFields does for us.

Collect data without being conditioned by your Internet connection

The esFields solution allows data to be collected online and offline, so wherever train drivers are, they can enter information into the application. This data is then synchronised when connected to an Internet network.

Eliminate errors from roadmaps

Users can record data automatically, using customisable forms, and the application checks all the information entered when migrating it to the database. This eliminates human errors and improves data accuracy.

You can personalise your roadmaps

The EXE Software team can customize the forms where data is entered so that your timesheets contain fields that reflect the metrics most relevant to your business, such as expenses, travel times, routes taken, working hours and rest times.

Monitor real-time activity on the ground

With the GPS function, train drivers can tag the date and location as soon as the information is entered into the application, allowing managers to monitor the activity of their teams in the field. You can also access a real-time centralised map with the position of each means of transport.

Optimise routes based on predefined criteria

You can optimise vehicle routes based on criteria such as shortest distances travelled, most important locations or most urgent tasks, streamlining workflow and improving working times.

Access to centralised information

All users have real-time access to information from the field so they can manage technical train indicators and improve response times in the event of special situations.

Data recording and analysis

Users can record relevant metrics, such as journey times or rest times, using customisable time sheets.

GPS function

With the GPS function, users can organise their daily routes to ensure maximum efficiency on every journey. It also makes it easy to monitor the activity and location of each vehicle in real time.

User-friendly interface

The esFields solution is easy to access, even by users with no technical background. For dispatching and management there is a user-friendly interface, which allows you to locate trains and monitor technical indicators in real time.

Data reporting through integration with PowerBI

The information entered in the roadmaps can be easily summarised through the analysis function, based on PowerBI technology. This generates complex reports that are easy to access and interpret.

Possibility of customisation

The esFields solution can be customised, by adjusting or adding functions specific to the needs of companies in the transport industry. Find out more about the customization possibilities!

Modules adapted to your business

The features and the way esFields helps your business work is 100% tailored to your current working style, so integrating the solution is quick and easy.

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esFields is an EXE Software product.

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