They use esFields

Our expertise is backed by the considerable number of clients, of all categories, who have chosen to grow their businesses with us:

  • Over 20 years of activity in Romania;
  • Efficiency through esFields four working divisions;
  • The accuracy rate of field data reaches 98%.

With a history of over 100 years, L’Oréal is a world leader in the beauty products market. Present on the Romanian market for over 20 years, the company uses esFields to streamline the work of its four divisions, and the reports generated by the application are used in all areas of the business: marketing and sales – to correlate field data with the sales situation, training – by evaluating employee activity and accounting – by monitoring sales in real time.

Thanks to the implementation of esFields, L’Oréal achieves 98% field data accuracy.

  • Top company in its field;
  • Through esFields eliminates human error reporting in the field;
  • Facilitates management tasks and resource allocation.

RailCargo is one of the market leaders in rail freight transport in Romania. In this industry, collecting and completing data in the waybills in the shortest possible time is essential. With the help of esFields, the company has been able to streamline these operations, eliminating human error and paperwork.

Through specific customisations, esFields facilitates not only the work of train drivers, but also the management tasks that take place at headquarters and the allocation of resources.

  • Top company;
  • Its group is present in 10 European countries;
  • Through esFields it has increased its field operations coverage by 15%.

Alpin 57 Lux is one of the largest ice cream producers in Romania. In 2016, it became part of the Food Union Group, which is present in 10 European countries.

With the implementation of esFields, Alpin 57 Lux successfully collects data from the modern trade to get an overview of the products sold and the shops where they are present. With an easy-to-use algorithm, the application is well received by all users – field agents and team managers.

  • The largest thematic society in Romania;
  • Active in five exploration areas and over 30 exploitation areas;
  • Through esFields it automates information from every working point.

The National Society of Mineral Waters (SNAM) is in the field of research, exploration and exploitation of natural mineral water resources in Romania, and is the largest company in the country for the extraction and delivery of mineral water for bottling.

The company operates in five exploration areas and more than 30 exploitation areas, and each extraction and distribution point involves managing large volumes of information. Initially, data collection and reporting was done manually, but the process was cumbersome and often error-prone. So the solution chosen is to implement esFields, software that solves these problems and makes the whole company’s work more efficient.

  • International freight forwarding company;
  • esFields automates internal processes;
  • Implementing our solution, streamlines data collection.

Vest Trans Rail is a company specialising in freight transport, providing both local and international transport through collaboration with operators throughout Europe.

With esFields, internal processes are automated, from data collection and reporting in journey sheets to human resource management and daily tasks.

  • Advertising agency;
  • Customizing esFields company took only a few weeks;
  • The solution streamlined the field work of three operational divisions.

Mercury 360 is an advertising agency, providing integrated communication solutions for companies in industries such as Fast Mover Consumer Goods (FMCG), durable goods and financial services.

The implementation of esFields came about as a result of the need to streamline the data management process, such as field intelligence gathering and reporting, and was completed within just a few weeks, during which time the application was customized to meet Mercury 360’s specific needs.