esFields modules

Route management

With the GPS function, users can plan and manage the daily routes they need to take to reach all sales and distribution points. Managers can also monitor sales agents' routes to keep an eye on their activity.


esFields allows you to rank and reward salespeople based on their performance. This keeps agents motivated to reach their sales target and managers understand the effectiveness of each team member.

Data collection and reporting

Field agents can quickly record information from each outlet using customizable forms. Data management and interpretation can be done easily, allowing sales strategy to be adjusted for each customer based on variables such as sales volume, preferred products and location.

Document management

esFields makes it easy for sales reps to access product and customer documents, stock and pricing information. In addition, it enables relevant real-time sharing between field sales reps and managers or the on-site team.

Order processing

With esFIelds, sales teams can manage orders at each point of sale and report data collected from financial transactions, such as invoices and contracts, back to headquarters.

Possibility of customisation

The esFields app can be customised to meet the needs of companies in the sales and distribution area. Learn more about the customization possibilities!

Online and offline qualitative data collection

Users can easily record information from customers, at point of sale or in market research with customisable forms, collecting qualitative data for relevant analysis.

Easy reporting and analyse

Data is analysed and reported through integration with PowerBI, so decision makers can draw conclusions and act on accurate information.

Chat function

Thanks to chat function, esFields ensures good communication between front and back office teams, facilitating interaction and information transfer.

Data recording and analysis

Users can record relevant metrics, such as journey times or rest times, using customisable time sheets.

GPS function

With the GPS function, users can organise their daily routes to ensure maximum efficiency on every journey. It also makes it easy to monitor the activity and location of each vehicle in real time.

User-friendly interface

The esFields solution is easy to access, even by users with no technical background. For dispatching and management, there is a user-friendly interface that allows you to locate trains and monitor technical indicators in real time.