Immediate benefits of implementing a mobile SFA solution

For many companies, the work of teams in the field is a defining factor in their day-to-day performance. That’s why organisations are faced with huge volumes of documents and data recorded in various formats. In the past, field agents did not have access to specific information at all times, as customised reporting or routing was only possible from the desktop. Fortunately, with the advent of sales force automation (SFA) software solutions, companies can increase the efficiency of not only their sales teams, but also other employees not working in a traditional workspace.

In the Gartner study “Hype Cycle for CRM Sales”, analysts Tad Travis and Ilona Hansen discuss the importance of mobile SFA solutions, which appears to be growing. According to them, the benefits of using this technology can already be seen in large companies, and it’s time for small and medium-sized companies to benefit from this trend, regardless of their industry. For this to happen, developers need to simplify the user experience by providing intuitive and easy-to-use applications even for those without technical experience. Once this stage is overcome, the solution can deliver numerous benefits, the most important of which are:

Increased efficiency of teams in the field

With the implementation of SFA applications, field agents gain instant access to a wealth of information about the customers they interact with, the products they sell, inventory and more. With access to such a solution, they can collect data using a mobile device (phone, laptop or tablet) and then synchronise it with the centralised system.

In addition, a comprehensive SFA application allows all members of a team to access relevant information both before and during a discussion with customers. This eliminates the times when an agent cannot respond to a request because they do not have access to all the data to make a decision, which is only accessible at the central office. In other words, one of the immediate benefits you’ll notice when you implement a mobile SFA solution for your employees is greater efficiency when interacting with potential customers. In the long run, this can mean that your sales team is better equipped to respond to requests and perform day-to-day tasks. The ability to close more sales will increase shortly after implementing SFA software.

Access to information, regardless of location

As a manager of a team working in the field, you’ll need real-time access to information from sales agents, such as the customers they interact with or the products delivered to specific outlets. Mobile SFA solutions are designed to make it easy to access data from sales departments while keeping all the relevant details related to a specific transaction. This way, you’ll not only know who your customers are, but also what products they buy and in what context.

In short, you’ll be able to make evidence-based decisions and adjust strategies when you see changes in market trends. Have you received a request to deliver certain products to a point of sale? Find out immediately which agents are available and plan a route to supply that location. Being able to respond so effectively to customer demand means confirming quality of service, increasing future sales and building long-term partnerships.

Furthermore, the application can also be used to motivate members of the sales team. The SFA solution also contains a gamification function, whereby rankings can be made based on the performance of each agent, graphs and statistics showing the results of the whole team or individually. This way, you will be able to build a well-developed bonus system.

SFA mobile apps ensure independence for field agents

Mobile solutions for sales automation are not used as a tool to supervise sales agents. In fact, by using such an app, they get more freedom and more opportunities to respond to customer requirements.

Using a mobile SFA solution, your field teams will be able to organise their work better, without waiting for confirmation or instructions from head office. Even customer complaints will be resolved on the spot, routes can be optimised to save time, and working relationships with suppliers will improve.

The three benefits developed in this article are just a few of the most important advantages of using a mobile SFA solution, and the most obvious. Without a doubt, such an app will improve the work of your business, regardless of the field of activity, not just in the sales department. More on this topic in the following articles.

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